We deliver excellent value for your money by combining the expertise you need with the products you want at prices you like. People sometimes think a Doctor’s office is more expensive, but our office is part of the largest buying group in Canada (www.opto.com), and offers excellent pricing on a wide range of high quality frames and lenses. We will always get to know your needs before suggesting the best ways to fill your prescription. Your vision is a result of the Doctor’s care, careful product choice and precise measurements which can only be done in person. Our staff is pleased to offer you the satisfying result of decades of combined experience and a commitment to quality!

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But our service does not stop at the delivery of your eyewear. You also get:

Personalized fitting to and adjustments as long as your own your glasses
Lenses that conform to the highest standards, checked by a licensed professional
A 2-year warranty on all premium lenses
A 1-2 year warranty on your frames
The knowledge of the Optometrist, Opticians and Optometric Assistants if you have questions.

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Contact lenses have long been the corrective choice for people who prefer not to wear eyeglasses. For particularly active people, eyeglasses may not be the most appropriate solution. These small plastic lenses require greater responsibility for those who wear them. Your Optometrist can specify for you the precise cleaning and care requirements of your contact lenses. They can also provide a complete fitting and consultation, allowing you to choose between a variety of contact lens styles.


Silicone Hydrogels: Try the latest in soft lens technology. This new class of contacts allow up to 5x more oxygen to reach your cornea; providing greater comfort and safety profile

Specialty lenses: If you have significant astigmatism, keratoconus, require a need for multifocals (bifocal ) in a contact lens…we strive to fit you in a contact lens

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We have a number of contact lens modalities to choose from but we feel a 1 day modality is the healthiest, safest and most convenient choice in soft contact lens therapy. This modality offers a fresh clean sterile contact lens each and every day that you choose to wear contact lenses. It is healthy for the patient who wears contact lenses daily yet can offer a flexible wear schedule for those who wear contact lenses for occasions (sports/travel/events). With a 1 day/single use contact lens, you do not need to purchase solution nor expose your eyes to the chemicals in solution used to clean/store your contact lenses. We predict that in the future, all contact lenses will be single use/1 day disposable contact lenses requiring no disinfection.


This is still a popular modality as many contact lens manufacturers offer contact lenses in this modality. However, these soft contact lenses require daily disinfection and cleaning, exposing our eyes to potentially toxic chemicals in the solution . The build-up in toxicity over time can make these 2 week/monthly modality contact lenses intolerable.



Bifocal/multifocal contact lenses are currently available in a 1 day, 2 week, monthly soft contact or rigid gas permeable contact lens design. The goal of these lenses are to allow the patient to be able to see both distance and near with the same contact lens. Contact lens manufacturers have spent much of their research and development in designing these contact lenses to become more successful in achieving in meeting a patient’s vision demands at both distance and near.


Toric contact lenses are currently available in a 1 day, 2 week, monthly soft contact or rigid gas permeable contact lens design. Anyone who has astigmatism can wear contact lenses these days due to the availability of contact lenses available. Prescriptions with more than 0.75 D of astigmatism would benefit from wearing a toric lens design to improve vision performance.


Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are custom fit. They permeate more oxygen to the eyes, offer crisp vision, help control the rate of myopia progression, stay cleaner and are more economical than soft contact lenses. The disadvantage of these lenses are that their are initial comfort is not as good as a soft contact.


These contacts are designed as a rigid center with a soft skirt and are often used to fit patients with mild/early keratoconus. The rigid center allows crisp vision while the soft skirt allows better comfort.


Keratoconus is a condition which is a result of progressive thinning of the cornea. It is usually bilateral and the progressive thinning causes the cornea to become cone shaped. The conical shape of the cornea renders these individuals with poor vision while wearing eyeglasses, soft contact lenses. Contact lenses for keratoconus patients are specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses that help these individuals achieve better vision. Therapy for these patients include contact lenses, corneal cross-linking, refractive laser surgery, and as a last resort, corneal transplant.

Patients requiring keratoconic contact lenses may qualify for MSP coverage for part of their contact lens therapy.


Keratoconus is a condition which is a result of progressive thinning of the cornea. It is usually bilateral and the progressive thinning causes the cornea to become cone shaped. The conical shape of the cornea renders these individuals with poor vision while wearing eyeglasses, soft contact lenses. Contact lenses for keratoconus patients are specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses that help these individuals achieve better vision. Therapy for these patients include contact lenses, corneal cross-linking, refractive laser surgery, and as a last resort, corneal transplant.

Patients requiring keratoconic contact lenses may qualify for MSP coverage for part of their contact lens therapy.


These are rigid gas permeable contact lenses that are worn at bedtime and removed upon waking in the morning to temporarily reshape the cornea. The purpose of OrthoK contact lenses is have the patient be eyeglass/contact lens free during the day and can be an alternative to refractive laser surgery. There are limits to its success dependent upon the amount refractive error.


Misight 1 day contact lenses: Misight 1 day use contact lenses uses ActivControl Technology which are alternating vision correction and treatment zones within the lenses to slow the axial elongation of the eye. Studies show an axial progression reduced by approximately 50%.

Multifocal contact lenses (Natural Vue): Researchers have found the extended depth of focus design in multifocal contact lenses to be effective in reducing myopia progression. Multifocal have different areas of magnification in the lenses which can correct vision and slow myopic progression at the same time. (https://vtivision.com/patient)


These contact lenses are available in a 1 day, 2 week, and monthly soft contact lens modality. They can enhance the colour of your eyes, enhance the size of your pupil and give you “large doll eyes), or change the colour of your eyes.





Latisse is the only FDA and Health Canada approved treatment clinically proven to grow lashes. The active ingredient is known as bimatoprost and was originally desgined to treat glaucoma patients. It, in combination with other substances promotes and maximizes the growth cycle of eyelashes. Latisse is a topical, take-home, prescription medication that is applied to the upper eye lid margin (base of the upper eye lashes) once daily to make your eyelashes grow LONGER, THICKER and DARKER.

Patients will start to notice results within the first 4-6 weeks with continuous growth and improvements to maximum length at 16 weeks when applied daily. When discontinued, the lashes will gradually return to their original appearance.


Latisse can only be prescribed by a medical professional.

If you wish to learn more about Latisse or determine whether you are a viable candidate to experience the enhancing results of Latisse, please contact South Vancouver Optometry Clinic for a consultation.

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